Scars are problematic for many people not only because of the unsightliness of the scar itself, but because it can serve as a reminder of the surrounding events associated with the scar.

There are different types of scars, classified based on how the scar formed and scar bulkiness. Traumatic scars occur after tissue is injured from an accident. Postoperative scars occur after a surgical operation. Hypertrophic scars are moderately raised compared to the adjacent skin. Keloids are exuberantly bulky, and extend beyond the original scar line. How one’s scar evolves depends on extent of the injury or surgery, individual healing ability, and attention to wound care.

Given enough time, the appearance of many (normal) scars can improve naturally. Spontaneous improvement may take months to many years. However, some scars may not improve significantly over time and may require injections or scar revision, which involve either surgery or lasers. Recommended method of treatment depends on variety of factors that should be discussed during consultation.

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Dr. Julia Tzu

Dr. Julia Tzu is a double board certified dermatologist who specializes in Mohs and reconstructive skin surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic dermatology. She is one very few dermatologists in the world who has devoted additional years of formalized fellowship training in both Mohs surgery as well as dermatopathology, making her amongst the most highly trained and elite dermatologists.


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