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Our skin is delicate and ever-changing, made evident by the many marks and small growths that can appear without explanation. One such skin condition is dermatosis papulosa nigra, or DPN, a harmless skin condition that is well known to affect those with a dark skin tone, but can also affect those with lighter skin tones as well. 

At Wall Street Dermatology, we specialize in the treatment of various skin conditions, including DPN removal in NYC. With the expertise of Dr. Julia Tzu, you’ll be able to enjoy clearer skin and greater confidence when you look in the mirror every morning. Call Wall Street Dermatology today to schedule a consultation.

What are DPNs?

DPNs are small, benign bumps that are often dark in color and resemble bumpy moles. These bumps typically appear on the face or neck, but they may also develop on the upper back or chest. DPNs will often start out smooth, but they may become rough and develop small fleshy protrusions that resemble skin tags. Like many other skin conditions, DPNs often increase in number and size with age.

What Causes DPNs?

The exact cause of DPNs is unknown by medical professionals, although they do appear to be more frequent in those with dark skin. There also seems to be a hereditary link involved with the appearance of DPNs, as is the case with skin conditions such as common moles and freckles. Regardless of this, it’s clear enough that factors like excess sun exposure or a harmful disease don’t cause DPNs.

Does Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra Need Removed?

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is not indicative of a malignant skin condition, nor is it malignant itself, and therefore does not need to be removed. Individuals may seek to have DPNs removed for aesthetic reasons or because the bumps have grown in such a way that they cause discomfort. Some DPNs may also become itchy, in which case they can be removed to eliminate the source of irritation.

DPN Removal Cost NYC

The cost for DPN removal in NYC often ranges between $500-2000/treatment session depending on how many are being removed and the treatment method. Because DPN removal is an elective procedure, it is not covered by insurance. Each DPN treatment session  results in significant improvement, but individuals may require occasional touch-ups for new DPN’s that may eventually grow with passage of time.

Types of DPN Treatment

Most DPNs can be removed through minimally invasive means, allowing individuals to enjoy clearer skin without the hassle of a lengthy, complicated procedure. Below are the treatment methods our DPN removal dermatologist provides:


Also known as curettage, scraping DPNs away involves using a small scooping instrument to remove the bumps. A topical anesthetic can be applied to help ease any pain or discomfort.


A rather common procedure for removing growths such as warts and moles, cryotherapy involves freezing off DPNs with liquid nitrogen. This causes the cells that make up the DPN to wither away and eventually reveal clearer skin once the treatment area has fully healed.

Electrodessication (Hyfrecation)

Perhaps the most cosmetically elegant method, electrodessication involves using a small current of electricity to burn away DPNs. Once the broken down skin fully deteriorates, individuals should notice a marked improvement in the color and texture of the treated area.


For all of these treatments, the total recovery time averages about 3 weeks. There may be some slight discomfort or tenderness around the treatment areas in the first few days following a DPN procedure, and vaseline ointment should be applied to all treated areas until completely healed.  Patients are advised to avoid picking at any scabs. Sun avoidance and protection is heavily recommended to avoid hyperpigmentation. 


Once healing is complete, individuals should notice a marked improvement in the appearance of their DPN. Depending on the chosen treatment method, an individual’s DPNs will either appear completely removed with slight scarring in its place, or they may look smaller and less raised. DPN treatment is often permanent, but it does not prevent new DPNs from forming.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra FAQ

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