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Post-Surgery Scar Treatment in at Wall Street Dermatology

Wall Street Dermatology provides world-class surgical scar removal in NYC. If you had skin cancer surgery, lipoma removal, cyst removal, mole removal, or biopsy scars, our cosmetic scar treatments can help improve the appearance of your skin. 

Dr. Julia Tzu is a double board-certified dermatologist specializing in post-surgical scar treatment to restore the skin’s natural health and beauty. She has experience and expertise in many forms of scar revision, including surgical scar revision, laser treatments, and microneedling. 

If you want postoperative scar treatment in NYC to restore the beauty of your skin, call us today at 212-931-0538.

Types of Post-Surgery Scar Treatments

Each type of post-surgery scar has a cosmetic procedure that will treat it the best. Dr. Tzu will identify the best cosmetic treatment for your unique scar. Below are three of the most common types postoperative scar treatments we offer in NYC.

Scar Revision Surgery

While it may seem counterintuitive to have another surgery to fix a scar caused by a previous operation, surgical scar revision is the most traditional and effective cosmetic treatment for reducing the appearance of scars. This type of postoperative scar removal in NYC can help remove or blend scar tissue and improve texture.

Scar revision surgery involves removing scar tissue, repositioning the scar, and smoothing the skin through a surgical procedure. If the scar is causing you pain, this cosmetic procedure can also correct tissue contraction to help increase mobility in the treated area. Following your cosmetic procedure, you can expect recovery to take around one to two weeks.

Dr. Tzu received fellowship training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious dermatology skin surgery centers. She also has over a decade of experience in skin surgery and reconstruction. You can trust that scar revision surgery at Wall Street Dermatology will greatly improve the appearance of your postoperative scar.


Microneedling is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that promotes collagen production and skin healing. This non-invasive postoperative scar treatment involves puncturing the skin with “micro” needles. These tiny wounds stimulate the body’s healing process, which will fill in scars. This type of post-surgery scar removal can help with discoloration and texture for a smooth, clear appearance.

There are different settings for the microneedles, so you can choose how aggressive you want to treat the scars. Additionally, you may need multiple microneedling treatment sessions to reach your desired results. Following your cosmetic treatment, your skin will turn red and become tender, but this will resolve in around 24 hours.

Laser Treatment

Laser scar treatment is another type of post-surgical scar removal in NYC. This cosmetic treatment is similar to microneedling in the way that it penetrates the layers of skin to promote new skin cell growth. Lasers remove the damaged skin cells and target blood vessels in scar tissue which smooths and reduces the appearance of scars.

Different types of lasers have unique wavelengths of light and target different skin structures. You could opt for the pulsed dye laser for surgical scars, which treats red, early-stage scars, or the non-ablative fractional laser for older, white scars.

You may need multiple laser scar treatments to reach your desired results. Recovery time from this cosmetic procedure takes around 3-10 days for the skin to heal.

Post-Surgery Scar Treatment Benefits

While there are multiple types of cosmetic treatments for post-surgery scar removal in NYC, they all have similar benefits. Scar revision surgery, microneedling, and laser scar treatment, all improve the appearance of postoperative scars for a more homogenous appearance. Below are some of the top benefits of getting postoperative scar removal in NYC. 

  • Improves texture for smooth, supple skin
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Removes painful scar tissue
  • Fades the overall appearance of scars

Post-Surgery Scar Removal Cost

The cost of post-surgery scar removal in NYC depends on the type of cosmetic procedure you choose. Microneedling treatments typically cost around $550-$1,000. Laser scar treatment costs around $450-$2,000. Scar revision surgery cost ranges from $500-$4,000. The cost of your cosmetic treatment varies based on the size of your treated area. To learn what your surgery scar removal procedure may cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tzu today.

Schedule a Consultation at Wall Street Dermatology

To discuss what type of treatment is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tzu. We look forward to exploring how we can restore the natural beauty of your skin.

Post-Surgery Scar Removal FAQ

Results vary based on the type of surgery scar treatment you choose. However, you can typically start to see results as the healing process begins. This means you will start seeing results after a couple of days for microneedling and laser scar treatment and a few weeks for scar revision surgery.

Results vary based on the type of surgery scar treatment you choose. However, you can typically start to see results as the healing process begins. This means you will start seeing results after a couple of days for microneedling and laser scar treatment and a few weeks for scar revision surgery.

The results of scar revision surgery are permanent. However, the results of laser scar treatment and microneedling are not permanent. The cosmetic results of microneedling last around four to six weeks, while the results of laser scar treatment last longer, around 3-5 years.

Yes, all types of surgery scar removal can treat old, white scars. These cosmetic treatments can reduce their appearance, so they are less noticeable. No matter when you got your scar, microneedling, laser treatment, and scar revision surgery can improve your complexion.

If you choose scar revision surgery, you will only need one cosmetic treatment. However, you may need 3-6 microneedling or laser treatments for your scar to fill in and fade. You may need occasional follow-up scar treatments to keep your skin clear continuously.

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