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Appointment and cancellation policies

At Wall Street Dermatology, we recognize that your time is valuable and make every attempt to limit your wait time. We intentionally do not overbook our schedules to ensure you the best experience for your visit. However, to ensure this perfect experience for you, we need the cooperation of all patients to be on time for their scheduled appointments and to call the office at least 24 hours in advance for cancellations. We charge a $50 fee for appointments that are not cancelled 24 business hours in advance (ie. for Monday appointments, you must cancel by the preceding Friday). Additional fees may apply if booking for specialized cosmetic procedures requiring additional resources or advance preparation. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we cannot guarantee that appointment and may need to reschedule you if there are other patients waiting. As in any appointment-based system, when tardiness and unannounced cancellations occur, it affects the scheduling pattern and waiting experience for everyone. Our goal is to keep your waiting times minimal and your experience enjoyable.

Health insurance and payment policy

Health Insurances accepted:

  • Cigna (EPO, POS, PPO)
  • Aetna* (Indemnity, Medicare, POS, PPO, EPO)
  • Empire BCBS (Indemnity, POS, PPO)
  • 1199 SEIU PPO
  • Multiplan PCHS PPO
  • Medicare

*We do not accept Aetna NYCCP and most Empire BCBS EPO plans

We only participate with the health insurance plans listed above for medical dermatology visits and procedures.  At the time of check-in, you are required to bring and present your current health insurance card and government-issued I.D., without which we will not be able to see you.  Please note you are responsible for any co-payments (due at check-in), co-insurance, and deductibles required by your plan.  For questions related to the exact amounts of each respective category, please check with your health insurance company. Depending on your health plan type, you may be required to obtain a letter of referral from your primary care provider prior to your visit. Without a referral form, you will be personally responsible for the full payment of the visit and any associated procedures that was not covered by the insurance company.

There are hundreds to thousands of different individual plans, all of which cover different services and procedures, and their policies constantly change.  Your health insurance is a contract between you and the health insurance company, and they are directly responsible to you regarding accurate coverage information.   If you are unsure whether a particular service or procedure is covered, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance plan and find out. You will be financially responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance company.  At the time of your visit, we also require a signed credit card authorization form so that we may charge the remaining balance not covered by your insurance company.  The charge is made only after your insurance company has made a determination of what it will and will not cover.

If we do not participate with your health insurance plan, you will be responsible for the full amount we charge for the visit and any related services.

Dermatology visits and services considered medically unnecessary or cosmetic are not covered by any health insurance plans. Examples of cosmetic visits include injectables (Botox/Dysport, fillers), laser treatments, microdermabrasion, sclerotherapy (a treatment for spider veins), acne scar treatment, scar revision, skin tag removal, lipoma removal, mole removal, chemical peels, and removal of any benign growths. You are responsible for the full payment of cosmetic visits and services as well as any medically unnecessary procedures.

We only accept the following forms of payment: Mastercard ,Visa, Discover, and cash.  

Prescription Refill Policy

We have adopted the following prescription refill policy to ensure that your skin health is managed to the highest degree of safety and accuracy.  Certain medications, especially oral medications, require routine clinical and/or laboratory monitoring. These are medications that we will not be able to routinely refill over the phone.  You will need to come for a follow-up appointment, and after careful assessment, your dermatologist will determine whether a refill or a different prescription is most appropriate.  Please note that we do not refill any prescription medications for patients who have not been seen in follow-up for over six months

Medical Record Request

Please complete the following form and fax or mail to our office. Please allow for 7 business days from date of receipt of your medical record release request.

Download Pathology/Lab Report Request Form

Download Medical Record Request Form

Online Patient Portal

Patient registration forms and online payment can be accessed through our online Patient Portal