Botox Treatment

Improve the look of your aging skin without invasive surgery

Natural-Looking Botox Treatment in NYC

Botox injections have become increasingly popular as an option that improves the look of the skin and reduces the aging lines on the face without the need to undergo more invasive surgical procedures. It costs much less than invasive surgical procedures and is generally much safer than surgery.  

While cosmetic Botox injections are generally safe and effective, it is also important to understand what it can and cannot do, along with any risks involved.  Having the right expectations and finding the right cosmetic dermatologist to perform the procedure is key to patient satisfaction.

Dermatologist Dr. Julia Tzu’s Perspective on Botox Treatments

Dr. Julia Tzu

“There are few noninvasive treatments in cosmetic dermatology that offer the dramatic and immediately gratifying results that botox provides.  When performed skilfully, results are natural and facial expression is retained. My patients are always amazed by the profound but natural appearing improvement in their wrinkles after their injections.” – Dr. Julia Tzu, MD, FAAD

What is Botox Treatment?

Botox is a prescription drug derived from botulinum toxin type A. Although botulinum toxin is a bacterially derived toxin that was originally discovered for its role in a serious medical condition called botulism, the drug itself is very safe and effective in reducing wrinkles when administered in appropriate doses and the correct anatomic sites by an experienced dermatologist.

When Botox is injected to a site of cosmetic concern, it blocks the nerve impulses that cause contraction of the muscles leading to lines and furrows. Simply put, the muscles that cause wrinkles have a reduced ability to contract, resulting in smoother skin with a youthful appearance.

Getting Botox Treatment for the First Time?

Getting botox for the first time should be an exciting and rewarding experience. Botox injections can provide cosmetic benefits for men and women across all ages and is suitable for all skin types. It’s important to understand your goals for undergoing treatment–are you using botox for prevention or to reduce existing wrinkles? With more emphasis on prevention in skincare and health, more and more people are now using botox for preventative aging (ie. to prevent wrinkles before they start) rather than to reverse actively visible wrinkles. Just like with most activities that foster health, beauty, and wellness, maintenance is key, and it is important to be able to set some time aside a few times a year to maintain wrinkle-free skin, so that more invasive anti-aging treatments are not needed later down the line.

Dr. Julia Tzu’s Expertise in Treating with Botox to Get Optimal Results

Finding the best Botox treatment in NYC can lead you to a number of different providers. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, quality of aesthetic outcomes and safety should be of paramount consideration when choosing where to receive your treatment.  Dr. Julia Tzu is a board certified cosmetic and surgical dermatologist, who has been treating countless patients in New York City and beyond with Botox, for over a decade.  

Her expert injection techniques incorporates a sophisticated understanding of surgical muscular anatomy along with a keen eye for aesthetics and appreciation for natural appearing results. Many of the commonly reported complications from Botox can be avoided by understanding surgical anatomy and injection experience.

How Much Does Botox Treatment in NYC Cost?

The cost of Botox injections depend on the location, area treated, and complexity of injection technique. In general, average costs can range between $500 to 800 per area per session. Costs can be higher than this for masseter muscle injections.

Booking a Cosmetic Consultation to Evaluate Botox Treatment for You

If you are interested in exploring cosmetic Botox injections, you can learn more about booking a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tzu. We’d love to explore how we may be able to restore the natural beauty of your skin. 


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