Acne Injections

Small injections to reduce inflammation

Acne Injections: An "Emergency" Treatment for Acne

Deep, painful cystic acne lesions may be treated with small injections of a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation, and thereby decrease the pain, redness, and duration of the lesion.  This procedure can be used to alleviate isolated problem areas, but is not considered a cure for acne and should not be used for more than a small number of lesions. Your dermatologist in NYC will evaluate the acne lesion and determine whether it is appropriate to inject the spot.

Dermatologist Dr. Julia Tzu's Perspective Acne Injections

Dr. Julia Tzu

“I call this the “red carpet emergency treatment” because it works so rapidly for reducing a big, painful, or obvious pimple that would otherwise persist for days to weeks. The injection is not meant to be a routine acne treatment, but it’s a great emergency acne spot treatment.”- Dr. Julia Tzu, MD, FAAD

When Should You Get a Cortisone Shot for Treating Acne?

If you have a large, painful, cystic acne lesion, you may want to get the acne lesion injected immediately for symptomatic relief and to prevent subsequent acne scarring. Acne injections are also often used for individuals who have an important event, and require immediate cosmetic relief from an unsightly pimple.

Acne injections can result in smaller acne lesions within 2 days. The larger and deeper the acne lesion, the longer it may take the injections to result in visible improvement.


How Much Do Acne Injections in NYC Cost?

The cost of an acne injection depends on the size and location of the acne lesion. In general, the average costs start at $150 for self-pay patients. 

Taking the Next Steps on Acne Injections

If you are interested in exploring an acne injection, you can learn more about booking a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Tzu. We’d love to explore how we may be able to restore the natural beauty of your skin.