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Age spots are common, noncancerous spots that typically appear in older people or those who are frequently exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. They can be flat to somewhat raised, have the same texture as the surrounding skin or display a rougher texture, and range from light to darker brown. In most cases age spots resemble a large freckle.

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Brown Spot Removal at Wall Street Dermatology

Age spots can vary in size and number, as some people may only have one or two across one area of skin, or they may have a cluster of age spots in one place. These dark spots usually appear on sun-exposed areas, including a person’s face and the back of their hands, and they’re most common in middle age and older adulthood. Like many other freckles and similar spots of skin pigmentation, age spots are noncancerous, but there are still some reasons why someone might want to have an age spot removed from their skin.

Wall Street Dermatology provides age spot removal in NYC. Dr. Tzu’s cosmetic expertise has served thousands of people who want to improve their aesthetics, from mole removal to scar revision. Thanks to the latest in cosmetic dermatology techniques and technology, Dr. Tzu and the professionals at Wall Street Dermatology can help you achieve satisfying results.

If you have an age spot that you want removed, Dr. Tzu and the experienced dermatologists at Wall Street Dermatology can help.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots appear due to an excess production of melanin, or skin pigmentation, in a focal area of skin. There isn’t any specific reason why they develop, but there does appear to be a hereditary connection that would cause a person to be predisposed for age spots if other members of their family have them. As is the case with many other dark spots, there also appears to be a connection between age spots and UV light exposure from the sun or other sources.

Age Spot Removal Treatments

At Wall Street Dermatology, Dr. Tzu can have age spots conveniently removed to help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whether you have one or many age spots or you’re just concerned with new changes to your skin, Dr. Tzu can provide comprehensive results.

Laser Age Spot Removal

Dr. Tzu’s primary treatment option for age spot removal is laser treatment. Using an intense beam of light, laser treatment breaks down and selectively destroys dark spots with the goal of completely removing the treated area’s darker pigmentation. Laser treatments are a popular choice for many other superficial skin conditions and have proven to be effective in removing or reducing the appearance of age spots.

Age Spot Removal Cost in NYC

The typical cost for laser age spot removal in NYC is between $350 and $550 per treatment session. Multiple sessions are usually required to completely remove an age spot, and the exact amount will vary depending on how many age spots are being treated and their respective size. Age spot treatment is also often an elective procedure, so it’s unlikely to be covered by insurance. For a more accurate estimate of what your laser age spot removal will cost in NYC, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tzu at Wall Street Dermatology today.

Brown Spot Removal Results

Once you’ve fully recovered from your laser age spot treatment, the appearance of your age spot should be significantly reduced, if not eliminated completely. There is a chance that an age spot may return in a few years’ time should light exposure retrigger pigmentation, but this can be remedied with follow-up treatments. With proper aftercare, there shouldn’t be any noticeable scarring from the laser treatment, but there may be some permanent skin lightening in the treatment area.

How Long Is Recovery After Laser age spot removal?

The recovery process following laser age spot removal requires some involvement, and Dr. Tzu will inform you of all appropriate aftercare methods to ensure any resulting treatment wounds remain clean and are properly healing. Your laser treatment wounds may be painful for a few days immediately following the procedure, but the pain should subside, and healing should be complete in a matter of weeks.

Age Spot Removal FAQ

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