Acne Scar Subcision

Highly effective acne scar treatment

Acne Scar Subcision

Acne scars can be broadly categorized into acne erythema (red discoloration from early stage acne scarring), hypertrophic scars (firm, pink, “bumpy” scars), rolling scars (scars with a sweeping, depressed contour), boxcar scars (scars with an abrupt drop-off depression), and ice pick scars (scars with deep, punctate, or “icepick” depression).  These clinical categories are only important because they direct the treatment methods.

What is Acne Scar Subcision?

There are many different acne scar treatment modalities, depending on the type of acne scar targeted. Subcision is a specific acne scar treatment that addresses the depressed type of acne scarring. It is most effectively used to treat rolling scars, but can also moderately improve the appearance of boxcar scars, and minimally (if at all) improve the appearance of ice pick scars.

Acne scar subcision is a technique in which a sharp instrument is used to “subcise”, or break apart, the firm scar tissue that tethers the upper layer of the skin to its underlying layers.  This technique involves precise sweeping motions of a sharp instrument to free the upper skin from being bound down below. Filler material, known as hyaluronic acid, can also be injected at the same time to temporarily fill in the opened spaces, while waiting for the body to eventually create its own collagen to fill in the gaps.  The injected hyaluronic acid aids in stimulating the body to produce more collagen.


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