Mole Removal

Safely and effectively removed

Mole Removal

Benign moles are a common occurrence found in the majority of the population,  and its removal is typically not considered medically necessary. However, if you are not pleased with the appearance of your mole or choose to remove it for personal preference, moles can be safely and effectively removed for cosmetic reasons.

Here at Wall Street Dermatology we can offer expert benign mole removal via an individualized approach.

What are Moles?

There are many different types of “brown spots” or growths that develop on our skin, all of which derive from the pigment-producing cell of the skin called the melanocyte. While this topic can easily become a much more complicated discussion of the various growth patterns of pigmented skin cells, suffice it to say that not all “brown spots” are necessarily moles, and it often takes the expertise of a dermatologist to provide an accurate diagnosis of what a “brown spot” or “mole” diagnostically is.  What are casually referred to as benign “moles” or “beauty marks” are more appropriately and precisely termed “benign nevus” in medical terminology to refer to a group of melanocytes that divide and grow locally in a controlled fashion and therefore pose no medical issues.  Depending on the depth of growth, benign nevi or moles can either be flat or raised and vary in shade of brown. 

Benign Moles/Nevi can be classified into one of two broad categories:

  • Congenital – moles which you have had since birth
  • Acquired – moles which appear at any time during your life

These are pigmented growths that exhibit highly regular and symmetrical physical characteristics. Your dermatologist will be able to provide the diagnosis when in doubt. Although not within the scope of discussion in this particular section, there are some moles or nevi that are more appropriately classified as atypical and have irregular physical characteristics which may warrant further medical evaluation and treatment, and which do not qualify for cosmetic mole removal.


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