Lipoma Removal

Most common soft tissue tumor

Lipoma Removal in NYC

What Is a Lipoma?

A lipoma is a subcutaneous localized overgrowth “tumor” of fatty tissue.  It is the most common soft tissue tumor, occurring in approximately 2 percent of the population. Its typical appearance is a skin-colored, subcutaneous, movable “lump” that has a rubbery texture.  Although biologically harmless, a lipoma can be problematic for people when it is painful or physically impedes with normal bodily movement. A common variant of a lipoma, known as an angiolipoma, can be tender due to its extensive blood vessel component.

Your doctor may simply recommend continued monitoring of the lipoma if it is not bothersome or noticeably changing in size. However, for lipomas that are painful or rapidly enlarging, surgical excision is recommended for therapeutic removal of the lesion and diagnostic testing.  Because lipomas are subcutaneous, diagnostic confirmation can only come through tissue analysis. A very rare cancerous counterpart, known as a liposarcoma, can also present as a subcutaneous “lump”, although liposarcomas are usually much larger and faster-growing.