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Chickenpox Scar Treatment at Wall Street Dermatology

Chickenpox can leave you with lingering scars into adulthood. This viral infection causes deep seated inflammation in the  skin and irritating blisters. Scratching and picking at these blisters can create scar tissue which leads to indentations in the skin. 

These chickenpox scars can be discolored and prominent on your face and other areas of the body, which often causes feelings of dissatisfaction. Chickenpox scar treatment in NYC can help improve your appearance by smoothing the skin for an even and beautiful complexion. 

Dr. Julia Tzu and her team at Wall Street Dermatology can get you back to feeling good in your skin. She uses world-class cosmetic, surgical, and laser dermatology treatments for your chickenpox scars. If you need a dermatologist in NYC who has experience and expertise in chickenpox scar treatment, call  Wall Street Dermatology today at 212-931-0538.

Types of Chickenpox Scars

Atrophic Scars

Atrophic scars are formed when the skin is damaged, and tissue is bound down or thinned out These chickenpox scars can leave the skin permanently damaged after the wound heals because scar tissue structurally alters normal skin.


Chickenpox scars can cause  discolored, often pink (if early stage) or whitish (late stage) indentations. These chickenpox scars may resemble old acne scars.

Chickenpox Scar Treatments We Offer

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments with pulsed dye lasers can effectively and efficiently remove the pink discoloration found in newer chickenpox scars. The treatment also builds some collagen within the scar. Darker brown to purplish discolored scars can also be treated with pulsed dye and sometimes Q-switched lasers. Treatment of chickenpox scars early on yields more optimal cosmetic outcomes than treatment of later stage white inverted scars. 

Scar Subcision

Scar subcision procedures use a sharp instrument to break up the deep scar tissue caused by inflammation from the chickenpox blisters. This chickenpox scar treatment helps promote the growth of collagen, which can reduce the scar and smooth the skin. Usually, you will need at least three to four sessions to see substantial progress in the appearance of your chickenpox scars. 


Microneedling is a versatile cosmetic procedure that can treat a wide range of skin conditions. This chickenpox scar removal procedure stimulates collagen production within the problem areas by puncturing the skin with fine, “micro” needles, promoting regeneration that smooths the skin and evens out discoloration. However, this cosmetic procedure consists of multiple treatment sessions and will take several months before seeing results. For optimal results, Dr. Tzu recommends anywhere from 4 to 6 sessions. 

Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery treats severe chickenpox scars that are less likely to respond to non-invasive scar treatments. During this procedure, scar tissue is surgically excised and the skin is realigned with sutures.  In most cases, this procedure will leave you with a postsurgical linear scar that is less visible than the original chickenpox scar. 

Although chickenpox scar removal is more invasive, improvement in the original scar is more obvious after one treatment session compared to noninvasive treatment options.  It is recommended for scars that are more visibly prominent in terms of size, discoloration, texture, or contour.  Keep in mind that a combination approach of invasive and noninvasive methods is sometimes also employed depending on the nature of the scar and patient’s preference for number of treatment sessions.

Benefits of Chickenpox Scar Removal

Treatments for your chickenpox scars can help bring your confidence back. Below are a few ways that chickenpox scar removal can help you achieve healthy and smooth skin. 

Level Skin

Most chickenpox scar treatments help promote collagen regeneration within the scar tissue. This helps normalize abnormally formed scar tissue and can result in chickenpox scars that look smoother and less prominent. 

Even Skin Tone

In addition to healing the tissue in the area, chickenpox scar treatment and superficial skin regeneration can help treat discoloration. You will likely see more progress depending on the type of procedure and how many treatments you’ve had.

Chickenpox Scar Removal Cost

Generally, the cost of chickenpox scar removal ranges from $500 to $2500 depending on the size, location, and complexity of the chickenpox scar treatment. For example, chickenpox scar removal surgery cost will be different than the cost of microneedling. Typically, costs can be higher if you choose a treatment that requires multiple sessions.

Schedule a Consultation at Wall Street Dermatology

To discuss what type of chickenpox scar treatment is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tzu. We look forward to exploring how we can restore the natural beauty of your skin.

Chickenpox Scar Removal FAQ

Yes, using one of the above treatments, your deep chickenpox scars can be treated. In most cases, the look of the scar can be significantly improved or removed depending on how deep the scar is. For severe chickenpox scars, scar revision surgery can remove the scar completely.

The number of scar revision treatments you will need depends on the procedure. Scar treatments like microneedling, subcision, or laser scar treatment may require multiple treatments to achieve the best results. However, surgical scar removal is more definitive and can be performed in one procedure.

Dr. Tzu can work with you to find which treatment is best for you. Depending on the nature of your chickenpox scars, their location and size will determine how invasive treatment you will need. More extreme cases may require surgery for removal.

While the collagen that is produced from scar treatments is considered permanent, multiple treatment sessions are required for noninvasive treatments, which may include yearly touch-ups, as collagen continues to be lost with time and aging.  Scar revision surgery is considered a more definitive solution, per treatment session, to removing acne scars. However, this type of chickenpox scar treatment will leave you with another less intrusive linear chickenpox scar.

Most treatments for chickenpox scar treatments are on the face. However, you can receive chickenpox scar treatment wherever you have chickenpox scars, whether it’s on the stomach, legs, or back. 

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