Laser Skin Treatment

The most effective and technologically advanced lasers

Laser Skin Treatment in NYC

There are many different lasers used to improve the appearance of skin. Different lasers work by targeting different structures in the skin. Which laser and which settings are used depend on a variety of different factors including skin color, purpose of treatment, the characteristics of the target, and the patient’s medical background. The field of laser surgery is complex and requires a deep understanding of the physical and biological interactions between laser light and the human skin. One should always carefully choose a dermatologist with subspecialty training and experience in this field for laser treatment.

Conditions that commonly respond to laser treatment include redness, red spots, blood vessels, acne, tattoos, discoloration, brown spots, melasma, loose skin, wrinkles, large pores, scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. Our practice houses a selection of the most effective and technologically advanced lasers. Our lasers are, by strict scientific definition, true lasers and are therefore more effective than other patented light technologies for the removal of red marks, brown marks, vessels, and laser scar revision.  All of our lasers have been purchased new and directly from the laser manufacturers for quality control and consumer safety, and represent the newest models available.   We do not shortchange quality for cost.

During your consultation, Dr. Tzu will discuss with you the best type of laser that can be used to address your concern and what to expect after the laser treatment is completed. In many cases, treatments may require multiple sessions to achieve the best and safest outcomes. Downtime varies between different lasers. Dr. Tzu has extensive experience in the use of lasers, including specialized fellowship training on laser usage at the University of Pennsylvania. She has also been an investigator for clinical trials evaluating new laser devices and new applications for existing lasers.

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