Blood Vessels and Facial Redness

Persistent facial redness and broken blood vessels may be a source of distress for many people who want a clear, blemish-free complexion. The two problems are actually related because the facial redness is caused by numerous fine blood vessels that may not be distinguishable to the naked eye. In fair skinned individuals, redness is more visible and problematic.

Removing the redness of the face means removing all the small fine blood vessels. Fortunately, there are lasers that can effectively reduce the number of these vessels, improving the overall complexion of the skin. Removing individual broken blood vessels is also performed using a laser. Multiples sessions of the laser treatment may be required for the best results.

At Wall Street Dermatology, we use a laser that selectively targets the redness of the skin. Call us today to schedule your consultation for blood vessels, red spots, and facial redness.