Mole (Nevus)

Mole (Nevus)

Although moles are commonly thought of as any brown growth of the skin, moles really refer to a specific type of brown growth arising from the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) of the skin.  The medical term that dermatologists use is “nevus”.

Moles are benign (non-cancerous) growths of the skin.   Moles can appear anywhere on the body, but are more numerous in sun exposed areas.   Sometimes they can be a cosmetic concern for patients who may wish to have them removed, but sometimes they may require additional medical evaluation.

Diagnosis of a mole should be made by your dermatologist.  Although moles are benign, you should always have a trained professional distinguish between a regular mole, an atypical mole (dysplastic nevus), and a melanoma, which is cancerous and potentially life-threatening growth.  Even though melanomas are not moles, melanomas may look like an irregular mole.  Your dermatologist is the trained professional who will decide whether your mole is benign or whether it needs additional evaluation.

Depending on the size and depth of the mole, it can be easily removed by a surgical excision and in some instances a more minor shave procedure.

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Dr. Julia Tzu

Dr. Julia Tzu is a double board certified dermatologist who specializes in Mohs and reconstructive skin surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic dermatology. She is one very few dermatologists in the world who has devoted additional years of formalized fellowship training in both Mohs surgery as well as dermatopathology, making her amongst the most highly trained and elite dermatologists.


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