Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection

Fungal infection of the skin is a common problem for people worldwide.  Terms such as “ringworm”, “athlete’s foot”, and “jock itch” can be confusing, because they all refer to fungal infection of the skin.  Although fungal infections occurs at a higher rate in hot and humid climates, it can develop in people who live in colder, drier environments as well.

Fungi and their spores are present everywhere in the environment including other living animals.  There are numerous types of fungi and a variety of types are capable of infecting humans.  In general, growth is favored in dark, humid, and warm conditions. Hence, the groin and the feet are often areas prone to fungal infection.  However, any part of the body can be infected.  Fungal infection can spread to other parts of the body and can be transmitted to other people.  Pets can be the source of fungal infection for humans.

Fungal infections may present as rashes that are itchy, scaly, and red.  It can easily be mistaken for other types of rashes.  Hence it is important to see your dermatologist for a proper evaluation of the condition, so that the right treatment is given.  Sometimes, diagnosis of a fungal infection will require specialized tests.

Fungal infection can be treated with a number of different topical and oral medications.  Your dermatologist can help determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Treatment can be difficult, especially for fungal infections of the feet, as any remaining fungus in a shoe can reinfect the skin.  Treatment of fungal infections often takes patience and persistence.

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Dr. Julia Tzu

Dr. Julia Tzu is a double board certified dermatologist who specializes in Mohs and reconstructive skin surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic dermatology. She is one very few dermatologists in the world who has devoted additional years of formalized fellowship training in both Mohs surgery as well as dermatopathology, making her amongst the most highly trained and elite dermatologists.


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