Dysplastic Nevus

The topic of the dysplastic nevus is highly complex and even controversial amongst experts.  However, to provide a simplified overview of the topic, the dysplastic nevus can be thought of as an atypical mole. Its diagnosis and degree of atypical change is usually revealed through the results of a specialized test called a skin biopsy.

Depending on the degree of atypical changes in the mole as revealed through the skin biopsy, the dysplastic nevus can be classified under mild, moderate, and severe categories.  Management of the dysplastic nevus depends on the degree of atypical changes.   Dysplastic nevi may need to be excised or re-excised completely in certain cases.

Some people may have hundreds of dysplastic nevi.  People with this condition are at thought to be at higher risk for melanoma and are recommended to have regular skin checks with their dermatologist.  Full body digital photography may be useful to keep careful track of these moles in these individuals.

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