A birthmark is a term loosely used to encompass a variety of different skin lesions that are present at an early age.  Birthmarks can manifest itself as light brown spots such as café-au-lait macules, red spots such as vascular malformations and hemangiomas, or darker brown growths such as the congenital nevus and epidermal nevus.  Medical diagnosis of the birthmark will require a detailed consultation with your dermatologist.

Many birthmarks are benign but are considered a cosmetic nuisance.  Fortunately, there are many cosmetic treatment options available to improve the appearance of the birthmark.

Some birthmarks may be located in an area of the body that may require medical treatment to prevent damage of an important structure.   These require immediate treatment.

Some birthmarks have the potential to change to a malignant (cancerous) version.  If this is thought to be a possibility, your dermatologist may recommend monitoring and/or medical work-up for your birthmark.

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