Large Pores

Large pores are a common cosmetic concern for younger and older adults. Large pores can be associated with acne and oily skin. Pores can enlarge when there is buildup of dead cells and oils within the pore. Chronic congestion of the pore with this buildup results in permanent enlargement of the pore.

Large pores are often found in the T-zone of the face. Topical medicines that decrease blackhead formation also help reduce the size of the pore. However, these medicines need to be used on a perpetual basis.

Laser treatments can help decrease the size of pores and work more efficiently than medicines alone. Laser treatments work by building collagen in the skin for a tightening effect. The pores are tightened in the process.

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Leg Veins

Leg veins can be an unsightly condition for many people. Factors that promote leg vein development are many and include genetics, hormones, pregnancy, prolonged standing, and age. There are different types of leg veins, classified based on size. The small purple surface veins, some of which appear spider-like, are easily treatable with a procedure called sclerotherapy. During this procedure, a tiny needle is inserted into the vein and a medicine is injected to permanently seal the veins. Multiple sessions may be required for the best results. Although some slightly larger leg veins may also be treated in this fashion, not all leg veins can be treated with this procedure, so it is important to see your dermatologist to determine whether this is the right procedure for you.

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